Saturday, December 22, 2007

Stella's Hat for my aunt

My aunt asked me to make her a black hat. I emailed her some patterns and she picked out "Stella's Hat". The pattern calls for chunky yarn, but I didn't want the hat to be too hot. Instead I bought regular weight yarn, but when when I cast on the hat wasn't nearly big enough. My main problem is that I only have 3 sets of double pointed needles. The recommended size needles (size 7) made the hat too small so I used the next bigger size I have (size 10). They were way too big, and thus the hat is too big too...

I tried it on a couple times while I was making it. I had a feeling it'd be too big, but I didn't know it'd be so huge.

The pattern works on a number of stitches that's a multipication of 8 - so I'll try and cast on 72 stitches (instead of 80) and see if that comes out ok. If not I'll have to go buy needles. I'm thinking size 9 would be useful.

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