Friday, October 26, 2007


I finished my unlce's scarf last night. This pattern was so damn boring. It was 8 rows that I just kept having to repeat over and over again. Scarves are like that, I know, but it could have been a little more interesting. I know the yarn isn't the best for the pattern, but you can sorta see it most of the time. Anyway, I just hope my uncle likes it.

The pattern is based on the Tweed Scarf pattern, but I added more stitches (needed to make it wider), and had to change the design a bit,

The actual yarn is a bit darker.
Notice that this photo shows both sides of the scarf. The actual right side is on the left, which leaves the wrong side for the right - lol.

Yeah, I was too lazy to move the plant or the mat.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I finished my sweater!

I finished my "Rogue" from Girl From Auntie. This is my first sweater, so I'm super excited. I can't believe it only took about two months of non-intensive knitting. It wasn't even that hard. I was so scared of the pattern when I printed it out. Those cable charts are so intimidating looking, but it was fine. The pattern couldn't have been clearer. I didn't have any questions going along. The lady at the LYS (not really local since it's near my grandma's house, in a different country) said the pattern had too much written down, but it didn't. It all made perfect sense and the extra descriptions really helped.

Close up of the sleeve and neck (this is my version of the photo on the girlfromauntie site)

I think my favorite part is the hood. The cables look so fancy but they were all simple.

I used 7 skeins of Galway Highland Heather wool color number 732 (sort of like denim color with pink/purple in it too). I really cut it close with 7 skeins. This is all I had left....

There are only two long strands in that little "ball". The rest are like 8-10 inch pieces that I'm gonna save just in case.

Seaming took me about 4 hours this morning, but I think it looks ok. I was so afraid of having to attach those sleeves, but it wasn't too bad. It looks hand made, but that's ok, it is hand made. I just wish it weren't so hot here. I want to wear it now, but instead I'm still in shorts.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Sweater Sleeves

I finished the sleeves to my sweater today! Tomorrow I get to seam them (they are flat now) and then attatch them to the body of the sweater. Wish me luck. I'm afraid of this part. Grandma said it's not hard to attach sleeves. I hope she's right.