Friday, December 7, 2007

Baby Blanket

About a month and a half ago I spent about a week and a half knitting this baby blanket for my dad's cousin's new (first) baby. I haven't seen her yet, but the blanket made it to my dad's cousin and her husband, and they sent back lots and lots of thank yous.

Anyway, here's the blanket:

With the flash you can see the actual colors

Without flash it looks bluish - weird. My glasses are there to show scale. They were the only thing I had on me (literally)

A close up of the edge. It was a picot bind-off with a row of k2tog yo before it. I never tried either of those, but it came out really nice.

I just really wanted to try the pattern, and when it was done it was so cute I wanted to keep it for myself. I'm thinking of making one for myself. It'll take an endless amount of yarn (that small blanket took 3 skeins of 200 grams each - and it's only about 1 meter in diameter ), but I think grandma won't mind if I slowly clean out her basement :)

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